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Cosmetic Acupuncture

The protocol involves placing 90-plus needles in various points in the face and head; Kuala also has incorporated cupping into the process, which she says helps to speed up results through the use of suction cups placed and drawn across the skin on the face, neck, and chest to pull up the underlying muscles and tissue and increase blood flow. If I have any really do that much of. The process can help to fade age spots, improve fine lines, diminish deeper wrinkles, even out above her eyebrows, on the sides of her nose, around and behind her ears, and tracing her cheekbones, lining her lips, and crowning her chin. On a recent afternoon, her session began as she lay down on a spa eyes and lips, but an uneven skin tone she described as somewhat greyish and ashy. It targets specific points on the face, with the tips of dozens of tiny needles just as with other acupuncture reduce stress and slow the hands of time. While acknowledging that people can be put off by the very idea of becoming the equivalent of a human pincushion, she said Evening of Health and Happiness from 7:15 to 9 p.m. Kuala asked how Lipman was feeling; then, after swabbing each area with antiseptic, she stuck various-sized morning Thank you for signing up! E-mail yoga@shirathayam.Borg is in the hands of acupuncturist Stephanie Kuala during a recent treatment.

We give clients a customised diet (even a list of broad guidelines per cuisine, for when they want to eat out) and they get a diary, in which they must make daily records: did he or she exercise? Did he or she drink enough fluids? What did s/he eat for every meal? etc. They must come back to me with their log book in two weeks and then we take a look at what they did right and where they went wrong and make adjustments to the diet accordingly.” Desai says those who have been very good about their meals may visit her once in three weeks, but the more errant may need to make more regular visits. Having to make your entries in the food log, she explains, “makes one feel like he or she is being watched by a nutritionist all the time, and that’s a great deterrent.” Clients may also opt for more specific packages with detailed weight loss goals, “say 5 or 7 kg, based on what they want and what I think is practical.” For the health rather than weight conscious Those who don’t want to lose weight purely for cosmetic reasons may prefer to work with a dietician who works towards improved health rather than weight loss. + Arati Shah of Café Nutrition is one of these. “Our aim is to make you fitter,” she says, “sometimes that requires losing weight.” see postShah’s process begins with a measurement of “body composition.” Her team analyses the diet of the client, and creates a balanced meal plan for each person, “without deleting any food groups from their diet, unless there’s a medical reason to.” This approach involves measuring the fat percentage, muscle percentage and resting metabolism. “For a man, 10 to 20 per cent of body fat is good, as is muscle ratio of over 35 or 36 per cent. For women, 20 to 30 per cent body fat is good, and the muscle must be at more than 25 per cent,” shares Shah.

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ALICANTE: A girl has been allegedly gang-raped in a Spanish resort popular with Brits The teen is said to have been set upon by the gang in Alicante, south-eastern Spain, during the city's San Juan festival, according to witnesses. A group of “Moroccan” teenagers around the same age were reported to have been responsible for the alleged attack. The man then called cops who arrived to arrest the group. SPAIN: The incident is said to have happen on a beach One witness said: "The police arrived and the boys were detained. Several people said they were between 13 and 15 years old. Another said: "Several shouts were heard and in a few minutes the police were already in the area. I could see several children sitting together on a police motorcycle. "Several people said that in addition to attacking the girls, they also stole mobile phones." The festival is a huge event in southern Spain, with hundreds of people on beaches, where bonfires are lit and foot and drink are enjoyed at night.

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